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Today we are announcing that, we are starting the 5% Cash Back offer. This offer goes to all investors who deposit from $100 and above. You will surely get your 5% cash back within 0-6 hours after depositing your funds and you can withdraw it. If you invest $100, we shall return $5 to you If you invest $500, we shall return $25 to you If you invest $1000, we shall return $50 to you If you invest $5000, we shall return $250 to you This is it, still hot and new, DONT MISS IT! This offer will run from today 20th till 5th Feb, 2018. Grab this offer now and tell others too.

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0.15%/ Hourly For 1100 Hours

165%/ Return

Minimum 20 USD

Instant Cashout

Deposit Included

0.25%/ Hourly For 620 hours

155%/ Return

Minimum 150 USD

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Deposit Included

0.35%/ Hourly For 386 Hours

135%/ Return

Minimum 500 USD

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We are pleased to welcome all moneymakers of cryptocurrency on the website of BITYARD TRADING LTD. The company not only successfully combines super-lucrative lines of business, but also offers profitable terms of trust management to the customers all over the globe and secured remuneration to partners and regional representatives for attracting investments. The company embodies a modern high-tech business connected principally with the cryptocurrency (cloud mining of Bitcoin, trade on popular exchange markets and private cryptosurrency exchange).

We have been working for couple of years, and during this period we have increased operating capital to the maximum and successfully entered the international investment market. The company with a history and positive growth dynamics this is our customers feedback on BITYARD TRADING LTD!


6% - 1% - 1%

Hourly Sales Payment

Your hourly profit will be added to your account balance automatically every 1 hours and can be withdrawn at any time.

Instant and Secure Withdrawals

Withdrawal requests process instantly without any fee. You can make as many requests as you want everyday and without a minimumor limits.

User-friendly Interface

Whether you are a beginner or a professional in the online investment field, we are sure that you will find our platform easy to use.

24/7 Customer Support

We provide unbeatable support service through ticket system and email to cater your needs and give a professional, fast and effectively response.

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  • Kouedo $2600.00
  • Nort $300.00
  • ALEX80 $20.00
  • KARIMATOVIA $20.00
  • phoenix972 $20.00
  • beneto $22.00
  • bamitel10 $22.00
  • Demon $160.00
  • Evangelista $5000.00
  • rma921a $20.00

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  • ProfitHuntersBIZ $12.00
  • Roofless $2.40
  • Alina $3.45
  • Lester $5.04
  • jan102 $26.25
  • Borodinov $2.03
  • Warner $2.16
  • List4Hyip_com $2.52
  • a_bortnikov $2.37
  • naale $18.00

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  • Market Cap 9591202344
  • Hashrate 2278921232.3521
  • Difficulty 225832872179
  • Total Blocks 431414
  • Network Speed 107.77 PH/S

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Jan 10, 2018

Total deposit

$ 58821.92

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$ 7102.04

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Washington, USA

Launch date: 17/04/2017

Hash rate: 9.5 TH/s

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Launch date: 10/04/2017

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Launch date: 11/04/2017

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